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Mindfulness Retreat and Public Talk May 2010

A series of activities began from 5 May to 9 May 2010. First on the list is the evening public talk on 5 May, followed by the 4-day mindfulness retreat from 6 May- 9 May, led by Ven Thich Chap Phap An, Head of the European Institute of Applied Buddhism, Germany (EIAB).

We are very blessed and fortunate to be able to host these series of events at Poh Ern Shih Temple, which served as a role model for many in terms of its comprehensive eco- friendly infrastructure.

With the intention to create a safe, open and trusted space for everyone to engage, express and experience, we are glad that the practice of mindfulness has built its rapport and deep connection with each and everyone through the various sessions like morning meditation, walking meditation, Dharma talks and discussions, mindful meal times and noble silence.

What strike most for most of the participants is the atmosphere of light-heartedness, joy, care and warmth during the retreat. There were also fun and laughter as well while enjoying the moments together singing plum village songs with hand movements.

The most poignant practices that touch the hearts of many were 'Touching the Earth' and 'Beginning Anew'. It was truly and deeply healing and transformational for the participants as it allows everyone to embrace themselves while looking deeply with mindful breathing. We were also fortunate to be introduced to the five mindfulness training though it was not part of the programme.

The last day was filled with fun performances by the participants as well as the monastics. The participants were deeply moved with tears during the sharing of the Mother's Day experiences. With participants’ feedback, the retreat is more than what most of them expected to be. It was simple, down to earth, joyful and light hearted, yet, deep, healing and transformational, while developing a strong collective energy of mindfulness through a very relevant and practical approach for the modern & competitive society like Singapore.