Mindfulness Born Peace and Happiness:
A Joyful Way to a Healthy Body/Healthy Mind

A 2-day Days of Mindfulness for Health Care and Social Services Professionals
with Plum Village Monks and Nuns


Practice 10 Mindful Movements in a park near JTMPC, Nov. 2011

Date:               16-17th November 2013, Saturday & Sunday
Venue:            Joyfully Together Mindfulness Practice Centre (JTMPC)
Address:          12, Jalan Anggerik Aranda A31/A,
                        Kota Kemuning, 40460 Shah Alam, Selangor Darul Ehsan
Fee:                 RM120       (Commute)

Contact Persons:       Sis Yit Phing @ 0122655246, Bro Canon @ 0192179933
Web site:       
E-mail:            This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

How to register:         Register online at

Lead instructor:         Bhikkhu Thich Chan Phap Kham, Director and Dharma Teacher
                                  Asian Institute of Applied Buddhism, Plum Village Foundation Hong Kong

Who should attend: Health care and social services professionls such as medical doctors (Western as well as Oriental medical doctors) , dentists, nurses, clinical psychologists, psychotherapists, social workers, school counselors, crisis hot-line operators, who are interest in using mindfulness as a complementary method to treating physical and mental illness.

The 2-day Days of Mindfulness is specifically designed for Health Care and Social Service Professionals who have to take care of their patients/clients in a regular basis. Most of the illnesses of today are due to the ways we live our life. By eating less sugary and fatty foods and by exercising regularly the chance of being obese and having heart disease will be greatly reduced. By taking time to do things, concentrate on what we are doing, and not doing many things at the same time ...we will have less stress and be less confused. By learning how to deal with our fear and anxiety, there will be fewer chances for us to be depressed. We know all these things, but we do not practice them often enough. Only when we are sick, then we begin to practice; and we stop practicing them after getting better.Yet due to the demands of their works, at times they don't even have time to take care of themselves. The practice of mindfulness will help us carry out physical and mental exercises regularly, because we realize that we need a healthy body, healthy mind to live a peaceful and happy life.

Besides taking care of their patients/clients, health care and social services professionals also need to take care of themselves and their families. Yet due to the demands of their works, at times they don't even have time to take care of themselves. It is not uncommon to hear that doctors only take 5-10 minutes for lunch. Social workers, after hearing many problems of their clients, may feel depressed themselves.  They need to take care of themselves first, before taking care of others, so their cares can be more effective and their works more enjoyable.

About the MBPH Program  (PDF)


In this workshop, participants will practice mindfulness activities in their daily life, such as walking meditation, eating in silence, mindful breathing, total relaxation, deep listening and loving speech ....  These activities help to stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system, which helps to calm our body and mind. Body and mind are one. Calming the body helps calm the mind and vice versa. We will also learn how the mind works, where unpleasant feelings come from, why do we get angry and how to deal with it, how to transform our pain and suffering into peace and happiness. We learn to know ourselves, to be aware of what happening in our body and mind, to be aware of the environment around us, to get in touch with the present moment.

Tentative program (for both days Nov 16-17, 2013)

9:00       Sitting meditation &
             In-door walking meditation
10:00     Lecture
12:00     Lunch

13:00       Total relaxation
14:30     Discussion
16:30     Walking Meditation
17:00       Farewell