Plum Village Malaysia 2011 Events

The Plum Village teachers will be here again this coming November led by Bhikshu Thich Chan Phap Kham who has been a student of Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh since 1987. Thay Phap Kham was fully ordained as a monk in 2000 and has been a Dharma teacher since 2004. He was responsible for training a few hundred young monastics in Vietnam and leads the organizing of Plum Village Sanghas in South East Asia. He is also the advisor for the Joyfully Together Mindfulness Practice Centre since its formation. He is now based in a Plum Village Monastery in Hong Kong.

Thay Phap Kham will lead a delegation of twenty monastics to Malaysia this year. Many of them are young monastics brought here for their exposure as part of the training. These young monks and nuns, who are now practicing in Plum Village Monasteries in Vietnam, Thailand and Hong Kong, once they become full fledge teachers, will be sent out to different parts of the world to spread the Dharma, including our country, Malaysia.

You are invited to come practice together as a Big Sangha and at the same time give yourself a chance to support the young monastics.

The three public events planned are:

* Wake Up For a Future to be Possible ~ A Day of Mindfulness for Young People

* Peace is Every Breath: The Pure Land in the Here and Now ~ A Public Talk

* Listen to Each Other, Be There for Each Other ~ A 4-Day Family Retreat

The Wake Up Movement started in Plum Village to help young people have a concrete practice of True Love and Compassion, clearly showing them the way towards a live of harmony with people and the Earth. The Wake Up Movement is changing the young people in order to change the world.

The Family Retreat is offered to help us build a peaceful and happy family. If we can have peace in the family, we can have peace in the world. Peace is available. Happiness is available. Come give your family a treat. A REAL TREAT!

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